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Daily Prompt: I Got Skills

If you could choose to be a master (or mistress) of any skill in the world, which skill would you pick?


If there’s any skill in world, I would like to be accomplished at, is Mathematics. Yes, Mathematics! I am completely in love with the subject and I would like to cross all the finites of studying the subject! Though the post is being way too nerdish.. I just can’t help it! I just want to know everything there is about mathematics and then love to imply maths in daily life (which never happens :p). I would love to have such complete knowledge of the subject so that I can calculate most difficult problems on my finger tips.. I mean I’d really like to have brains like Scott Flansburg who doesn’t have to think to calculate… It comes as easily to him as ABC! (I mean 123! 😉 )


Comments on: "Mathematics!" (6)

  1. raziaaurangzeb said:

    I never knew mathematicians could be such good writers.

  2. kishwar said:

    i love maths too… but really i cant sum up or multiply big values on my finger tips.. i think its too bad because when anyone ask what you are doing i proudly say BSc(hons.) in mathematics but i look their face at the moment when they want me to calculate a little big value,,, and seriously i miss my calculator at that very moment 🙂

    • That exactly is my problem too you know, I can’t do difficult calculations on my finger tips either! And by us, the students of maths department, I guess the calculator is missed at all times!! 😉

  3. kishwar said:

    i think we don’t use our brains, because we know we have calculators and we can calculate from it,, my mother does the extra ordinary maths like she counts “do eki do.. do duni chaar” and so on… i see her for a while and ask “kaise krte ho aap”?? and she always said “itni maths kamzor hai apki” but lets hope for the best and may be our interest and teachers teach us how to use brains :p 😀
    may ALLAH bless you 🙂

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