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Go with the flow!

Daily Prompt: Comfort Zone

What are you more comfortable with — routine and planning, or laissez-faire spontaneity?


Planning; Is not my thing! No! I am a sort of person who would do things spontaneously rather planning for something ages ago. It’s not all because I’m lazy but because I’m too talkative and waste my time in talking much and acting less and I’m not ashamed of my spontaneous actions either. For example, last week my brother came on his bicycle to receive me at bus stop on my way back to the university and what I did was extremely spontaneous and it even took me by surprise. I almost implored him to give me his bicycle to ride home. (Though it might not be strange in some countries to see a girl riding a bicycle but it would definitely be strange for anyone in any country to see a girl in full abaya and covered face to ride a bicycle 😉 )

So, I’m just spontaneous in my own crazy way, I am not an organized person always cramming my work in the last moment. My father once gifted me a diary to write my timetable in. It was quite an elegant looking diary in leather cover and all! I decided to write my studying timetable in that dairy during exams but alas! To this day, I always write the timetable for some 2-3 days in it, never being able to finish the course on time and giving up writing for the time being!

In short, I am a lazy sort of spontaneous person and I just cannot deal with organization in my life. 😀

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