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Beyond The Grills!

Daily Prompt: Through the Window

Go to the nearest window. Look out for a full minute. Write about what you saw.



The window nearest to me as I read today’s prompt was the window which was in my drawing-room and was installed about 7 years ago. It was not there in the original architect but my parents had it made then and the view through the window is very refreshing! At least for me it is! I can call it refreshing because the trees in the area provide very fresh air at all times of the day. As I looked through my window the first thing I saw was the terrace of the bungalow which is located quite parallel to our building (as the drawing-room is on the back side of our veranda).DSC04928 As I look further on I saw a building with some clothes hanging on the ropes and lots of trees (As I call it refreshing) and a park! Though not many people might be able to see the park in the picture but I guess I can see it very clearly because I used to go there daily in my vacations 4 years ago. On further observation I find two more buildings which are in the area we usually pass our way in and out of the neighbourhood.DSC04929
As I surveyed the left hand side of the window I could see the complete corridor of the building very next to us (though it is not very clear in the picture_again) but I’m quite sure any two persons can talk from my window to their corridor easily enough without having to shout themselves hoarse ;). Also next to this building is another white coloured building with light coming out through one of the windows (displayed in first picture) as it is almost sunset.DSC04927
And finally as I moved on the right hand side of the window I can see a tree, a building’s balconies and few more buildings in the distance as our area is a residential and not the commercial one and the fact that I live on third floor would make it almost impossible for me to see any shops even if there would have been any! 😀DSC04930
As I viewed it all and captured it, I’m not sure whether a minute passed by or ten! All I knew was that I had collected enough material for (which I’m hoping to be) a decent length of post! and I closed the window and walked away! 🙂


Caught in the act!

Daily Prompt: Breaking the Law

Think about the last time you broke a rule (a big one, not just ripping the tags off your pillows). Were you burned, or did things turn out for the best?


Today’s Prompt ask me to think about the last time I broke a rule! Since I couldn’t think of any, my mom reminded me of one and I instantly decided to write on that bad incident. I am not a usual rule breaker, instead I’m rather a nerdy student who’s always scared to step even a single toe out of line. Well, in my last year of school I did break a rule and found to my own cost that I’m just not meant to break rules. Cameras were not allowed in our school, but since it was the last day of our class everyone brought the cameras along with them and so did I, but It was me only who got caught with a camera. I guess the other girls were smart enough to hide it from the teachers or it was just me stupid enough to think we have been given permission to bring the camera on the last day. Well our dearest headmistress confiscated my camera and no matter how much I implored her to give it back, she won’t listen. After a big tantrum she told me to go and talk to the principal which I couldn’t do (I was too scared of her). Well thanks a lot to my class teacher, she told me to calm down and talked to the headmistress herself and conviced her to return me my camera! And Thank God I got my camera back but I still have a regret.. My camera was returned to me at the end of day and I couldn’t capture as many images as I wanted to! 😦

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