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Had A Great Time With You! :D

Daily Prompt: Ode to a Playground

A place from your past or childhood, one that you’re fond of, is destroyed. Write it a memorial.


In answer to Today’s Prompt, I would like to write a letter to the place which was very dear to me once and it has now been replaced by some other building.

To my dear old Montessori,
I miss you, I really do. I miss the time spent studying in your classes and playing in the playground on the first floor. Dear Montessori, Your structure was so good I still remember some parts of it which were my absolute favourite. Like on the left hand side of entrance, there were many animals for us children to play with and to be entertained from. Immediately in front of gates was the main building and on right side of gates was a set of stairs leading right up to a little garden with some swings and a cage full of monkeys.. I really loved that garden of yours on the terrace and how wouldn’t I? I won a race in that garden which I was very proud of!Well.. Children do get happy on small matters, Don’t they? I was really fond of your garden and your classes too. Your classes were so nice and of course they would be if Someone like Miss Anila would taught us. She was such a nice teacher. She always used to write my name on 1st in the list of good students (well.. almost always). That was a big achievement, Wasn’t it? Well.. I loved you really very much as you would have realized when it was time for me to leave and I asked my mom if she would brought me to play in that garden when I’m done with my high school, college, university and all because I’ve been told by her that I’ve to go to the school now and it was time to leave the Montessori.. 😦
Well.. that’s how much I didn’t want to leave you. Though you were not a very big establishment but you were very important to me. Always will be! But now you’ve also been replaced by another building but your place can never be replaced by any other thing in my heart!
With Love,
Your ex-student

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