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Off To The Burrow!

Daily Prompt: On the Road

If you could pause real life and spend some time living with a family anywhere in the world, where would you go?

Village of Ottery St. Catchpole, At the ‘Burrow’! 😀


For those who don’t know what is this place I’m talking about. It’s Harry Potter’s Best friend’s house i.e. The house of Weasleys! I would simply love to spend a day there!

A Perfect Room

Daily Prompt: Writing Room

A genie has granted your wish to build your perfect space for reading and writing. What’s it like?

Hmm.. a perfect reading and writing space. I would love that! My actual writing space is a wooden or plastic table with laptop on top of it and when it’s university lectures, The table is scattered with more than enough papers for my actual work! 😉 But if a genie is granting me a wish to build a reading/writing room for me I would like a room built hidden inside a wall (much like dexter’s lab)in an enclosed space made to look like a spacious one! The colour of the wall should be any light color but there should definitely be a window right in front of my writing desk and out of the window should be a perfect garden with all sorts of chirping birds in it and some big trees etc! On the left of my writing-table there should be a computer desk full of cabinets which should contain my university books and stuff and those cabinets should have an Undetectable Extension Charm ( A charm due to which no matter how many things I stuff in that cabinet it’ll never be full.. Those who have read Harry Potter will know)and yeah this charm could be there because the room is built by a genie. Now, back to the topic.. On the wall above writing-table there should be a wooden outlined niche containing all the books I like to read. The genres should include mythology, fiction, thrillers and suspense. In one corner of the room should be a nice very comfortable couch for me to sit on while reading.. And yeah the weather of the room should always be the spring season (Again, the room is built by a genie! 😀 ) And last but not the least the room should have the wooden floor and I would never have to clean the room. It should just clean all by itself (I’m too lazy to do the cleaning 😉 )

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone_ A new philosophy

Harry Potter and the philosophers stone is the debut book of potterheads queen J.K rowling(well if you are unaware of term ‘potterheads’.. it means that you have never read Rowling.. No offence ;)) and although it’s rather an old published work but ‘A good story will Always remain in your heart’ So..I am going to try to convince you into reading her book by writing this little summary cum review on the book!! 😀                                                                   Harry_Potter_and_the_Philosopher's_Stone
The story starts off by the mysterious events taking place throughout London leading to Harry Potter being left on the doorstep of his only living relatives “The Dursleys”. As being the Harry Potter generation we all know Harry was a wizard, On the contrary his relatives were not.. they were non-magical folks termed by Rowling as Muggles.. The three Dursleys were an unpleasent lot as well as the worst type of muggles one can ever imagine.. Mrs. Dursley being the sister of Harry’s mother knew all about magic but still despised it as much as Mr. Dursley.. The story is forwarded 11 years later to show a downcast harry still living with Dursleys in the cupboard under the stairs and living like a servant in their home, sometimes dreaming about strange things resulting in being scolded by Uncle Vernon!!                                                                                          cupboard

Well the story continues and letters addressed to Harry start arriving lettered in green ink and the address being extremely precise.. The Dursleys unterstood at once who the sender of letters was but did not show it to Harry or their bully son Dudley. They tried to ignore the increasing number of letters which resulted in their ending up on a small shack in the middle of sea on a promised stormy night on Harry’s birthday!! But do not despair readers because Rowling does not break your heart in the beginning of series! (Sorry for the incomplete details.. but it is the review of 1st book folks not the last one) Well.. At midnight among thunders and claps arrives a big bearded man who announced himself as Hagrid! He threatened and scared Dursleys for not telling Harry anything about his parents and himself and explained to Harry how his parents had been killed by the most evil wizard of all time Lord Voldemort! (and trust me he was evil; nose or no nose.. I mean you cannot call someone innocent merely because they cannot sneeze :D)Lordvoldemort Well most people in the wizarding world call him You-know-who because they’re too scared to use his name.. Even he has now fled the country as merely less than a ghost because his curse backfired when he tried to kill Harry after killing his parents. So, Hagrid finally handed Harry his letter from Hogwarts (his new school) and took him Diagon Alley (an entirely magical marketplace) to shop for his school things where me met Malfoy who didn’t quite impress Harry despite his genuine show-off of his inherited money and it was not not just because Harry himself had a lot of money left to him by his deceased parents. Hagrid dropped off Harry to go back to Dursleys until the start of new term at Hogwarts i.e. September 1st. On 1st Sep he reached Kings Cross and somehow managed to find his way to the train stationed on platform 9 3/4 with the help of Weasleys. He met Ron Weasley on the train who was simply awed on meeting Harry as Harry was the only living wizard to have survive the Killing curse (same curse which killed his parents). He reached school as a famous kid with the only haters being Malfoy (who was simply jealous of Harry)and head of Slytherin house and his Potions master Prof. Severus Snape. During his time at school he and Ron befriended Hermione Granger (a bossy yet very brainy muggle born, with lots of bushy brown hair, and rather large front teeth)… Uptil now it has been a summary but from now the details i’ll give are going to be a mere sketch of the book.harry_potter_with_ron_and_hermione2

In the course of events the trio (Harry, Ron and Hermione) find out about Nicholas Flamel.. the only existant maker of original Philosophers stone with the rather reluctant and indeliberate help from Hagrid. They also discovered that the stone is hidden in school thanks to their frequent night time forbidden wanderings about the school. What happens next is thatdue to Snape’s hatred of Harry and some other reasons they strongly suspect Snape trying to steal the stone for Lord Voldemort. And so with one thing going on and the other they almost reach the end of their 1st year at school only to discover that there still is a lot to happen. On the very last day of their final exam they concluded that Snape is going to steal the stone. Upon this conclusion,they reach the place where the path to find the stone begins and after crossing a lot of hurdles (created by teachers to stop anyone from trying to steal the stone) Harry reach the final chamber where the stone is hidden.. And now for the final part of my summary cum review I am not going to reveal the end of book. Whether or not did Harry get the stone?? Whether or not it was Snape in the Final Chamber?? and last but not the least whether or not did Lord Voldemort revived?? For all these details you have toread the book!! 🙂 And kindly do comment whether or not did i convince you to read the book?? And if did should write the summary cum review of the second part?? 😀

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