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A Cup of tea!

Symbolization; Every author does it.. Well I am no author but I am constantly trying to find inspiration in daily life objects around me! Today after breakfast I was noticing the interesting swirls and patterns formed by the vapours of my images (1)tea-cup..images new

And I realized that this hot tea is similar to a hot head! Whenever a person is angry, anger vibes start coming out of body which might seem very important at the moment but are extremely pointless! Just as hot tea cannot be consumed, In the same way a person cannot use his head in anger!! An angry head is just like the vapours; pointless, empty and nothing but a swirling mass of few minutes! Just like the tea can be cooled down easily by a cool wind, Anger can be cooled down by cool head or cool words! Just like the hot tea can burn your tongue, In the same way hot head can burn your feelings!! So.. its better to stay away from hot tea and a hot head!! They both could be extremely dangerous!! 🙂 😉wa106t

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