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Good Morning!

Daily Prompt: The Golden Hour

6:00AM: the best hour of the day, or too close to your 3:00AM bedtime?

I love mornings*! 6:00 am on a weekend can truly be the best time of the day.That amazing smell of trees and the singing of birds is quite refreshing. Also, from a student’s point of view, learning and studying is much easier in early morning, rather than at night or afternoon. But, the only glitch in this wonderful fantasy is that one must wake up before thinking about enjoying the beauty of early morning, and at which I’m completely lousy.

* I love mornings only on weekends and holidays; not on working days. 😀

What to Study?

Daily Prompt: Decisions, Decisions

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

Hmm.. As by now most of my readers must have realized that I’m a random person. I do things first and think about the results later.. But when it come to making important decisions, I do try to reason at least just once with my own self and my parents . For example I could have gone to NED University (Biggest university in our country for engineering, As I had chosen pre-engineering in my intermediate) but I chose Mathematics major in Karachi university.. Reason: I wasn’t interested in engineering, So I didn’t think it was necessary to do what majority was attempting to do.. I did think it through and I think it was a right decision, I’m happy with what I’m studying and I certainly do not feel uncomfortable in studying the subject! 😀

Still Remembered!

Daily Prompt: The Transporter

Tell us about a sensation — a taste, a smell, a piece of music — that transports you back to childhood.

Everyone’s aware of the fairy tales… Cinderella, Little red riding hood, Jack and the beanstalk are all household words.. But no, they do not transport me back to my childhood. Stories which transport me back to my childhood are the one’s which might not be familiar to any of you but were, and still are, very important to me. They take me back into the time when my Maternal Grandmother was still among us, to the time when I was properly aware of the relation of a Grandmother.

Whenever we visited her, we asked to listen the same four stories and she always did tell us those! 😀 Those weren’t just stories but truly they were my childhood. Today after reading some well-known authors, I realize that no books or stories can replace those limited edition stories of my Grandmother.. 😀



Daily Prompt: Nightmares

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

Nightmares are the types of dreams which may wake one in the middle of sleep due to fear or anxiety. Every human being feels the emotions of happiness, sadness or fear and these emotions can be easily depicted in one’s dreams.

A few weeks ago, prior to the beginning of my university I had a dream in which I was in the university and was searching for the classes. I know that university consists of many plain areas mainly consisting of trees and just some barren land. So, what I saw was that many teachers were working as guides and pointing us in the direction of classes, and though I did reach my department I wasn’t able to reach the correct class. I asked many other students but they didn’t respond satisfactorily enough for me to reach my destined classroom. Though it is not remotely frightening but it did make me feel bad to think about the dream when I woke up next morning. I think it was the fear of a new place and also it was the fear of new people maybe, due to which I had that dream, but thankfully that nightmare didn’t come true! 😀

My point of view on my room from view point of someone else!

Daily Prompt: Clean Slate

Explore the room you’re in as if you’re seeing it for the first time. Pretend you know nothing. What do you see? Who is the person who lives there?

Have you ever experienced being in your own room but not recognizing it as yours?? (No, I am not talikng about the time when it has been cleaned by your mom, seriously ;)) Well.. today I’m gonna pretend it has happened!
The room I’m writing this blog about is an avarage sized room owned by three siblings!! 2 sisters and a brother! (Well.. the room is as tidy as if it is owned by 1 sister and 2 brothers) This room is very well furnished with a dressing table, four cupboards, 7 cabinets, a side table and two beds and of course a fan! The walls are covered in antique white paint!! as common with many teenagers it is not any particularly vibrant colours because the siblings could not decide on any particular colour! As for the state of the room its not exactly spick and span rather its a bit untidy with few clothes scatterd around in the room depicting the presence of someone like me in the room.. But in the drawers of dressing table one can find a full drawer of books; fictional, mystery etc showing people who love to read!! There are a total of three doors in this room one of which leads to common, one leads to the balcony and last one to the bathroom (the most important part of room)! And well thats all i can see in this room of mine!! 😀


Daily Prompt: This Is Your Life

If you could read a book containing all that has happened and will ever happen in your life, would you? If you choose to read it, you must read it cover to cover.

If ever given the chance to read the book of my life.. I will not use it.. NO!! banned-booksIn the book of my life I will eventually die and not just me but there will be other tragedies of life too.. And I’m a sort of person who is more distracted by the negative events rather than the positive ones! And not just my future but my past holds some Bad memories too which I definitely would not like to revisit! As for the pleasant events of my past and future.. I’ve already lived my yesterday and I like to move forward! Living in the happy memories would not my make tomorrow better in any way and when it comes to the pleasant events of future I would definitely like to be surprised by the events when they finally arrive!! 😀 Even after reading a good book or watching a good series or movie i’m all like                                                                                                                   tumblr_lvc5wmAjXT1r78v67o1_500
so how am I ever going to like if I know about my very own life?? What is written in that book is written and I cannot change it so why bother beforehand to know about it!! In short the quote inspiring me not to read my life book is
“Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the present.”- Master Oogway from Kung Fu Panda / Eleanor Roosevelt

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