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Daily Prompt: Nightmares

Describe the last nightmare you remember having. What do you think it meant?

Nightmares are the types of dreams which may wake one in the middle of sleep due to fear or anxiety. Every human being feels the emotions of happiness, sadness or fear and these emotions can be easily depicted in one’s dreams.

A few weeks ago, prior to the beginning of my university I had a dream in which I was in the university and was searching for the classes. I know that university consists of many plain areas mainly consisting of trees and just some barren land. So, what I saw was that many teachers were working as guides and pointing us in the direction of classes, and though I did reach my department I wasn’t able to reach the correct class. I asked many other students but they didn’t respond satisfactorily enough for me to reach my destined classroom. Though it is not remotely frightening but it did make me feel bad to think about the dream when I woke up next morning. I think it was the fear of a new place and also it was the fear of new people maybe, due to which I had that dream, but thankfully that nightmare didn’t come true! 😀

Bumpy Ride (Part 2)

Last week I wrote about how desperate were I lately to drive a car and finally I got my wish today! 🙂


My father took us to a ground where many amateurs were driving cars and some children were playing cricket (The ground was big enough). My father asked us three (siblings) as to who wanted to go first and I took the chance! As soon as I sat on the driving seat and placed my leg on accelator, I accelerated the car way too fast and my father had to control the steering for me and he soon ordered me to go back to the back seat! I went and my brother got the next chance. He drove the car very well And I got extremely jealous. 😦 I know he’s my younger brother and I shouldn’t be jealous of him but I couldn’t help it! But luckily that jealous feeling was just temporary and I got my chance again! I asked my father to give me one more chance with the promise that I won’t accelerate the car more than it is necessary. He agreed and once again I took the driving seat! This time I didn’t accelerate the car and got some 2-3 rounds covering the half ground. But this time I did the stupid mistake of pressing the brakes way too hard and learnt my lesson that women can rarely be good drivers! I hope I can be one of those rare ladies after a couple of lessons! I really hope so! 🙂

On the tick of a clock!

Daily Prompt: The Clock

Write about anything you’d like. Somewhere in your post, include the sentence, “I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock.”

My Parents had been out to the grocery store and my siblings had been to school and university. I was home alone as I had no classes today. A day before I had decided to use the day off for completing the due work I had managed to pile up over the last week. Physics numericals, Statistics practical, history notes and maths problems which were hanging on my head were supposed to be done that day. But, I also had a blog to write, Internet to surf and use the Wi-fi my parents had paid for at the beginning of the month! ( I cannot waste that 😉 ) So, Like a good kid I asked my my mother if I can check my wordpress stats and facebook newsfeed just before she left, merely for 10 minutes and then I’ll complete my homework and also the chores that she had told me to complete. As soon as their car left the parking lot, I jumped to the chair and switched on the computer. I did indeed check the newsfeed and stats after which I got distracted from all my tasks and just listened to some music, played some childish games, checked newsfeed ans stats again, and again, and again! I didn’t relize how much time has passed when suddenly I heard the car door slam, and immediately looked at the clock. Oh Gosh! It had been an hour and a half since my parents left and it must be them! I rushed like a maniac doing the chores like placing the utensils into the cabinets and collecting the dried clothes from the balcony! As I looked down from the balcony I didn’t see our car but the neighbours car and I realized that my Parent’s hadn’t returned yet! but Thank God! At least I was done with the chores, I went into the room, swithched of the computer and went to my study table. All the subjects were waiting to be studied! 😦

At The Eleventh Hour..!!

“Shut up conscience! I know I should have prepared for this exam earlier but stop cursing me now! At least let my do it now!” This is a fight I’m always having a night before exam with my angry self!images

After reading the above paragraph you must have realized by now what I know I should do . . . but don’t. I always waste my time at the time of doing the work and then I rush at the eleventh hour. I know I should study all year-long rather than the last month before exams, All 5 days leave rather than the last three nights and two days. I should not waste my time at the last moment collecting and wearing all the jewellery when we have already planned for a trip a week ago. I should pack my bag the night before university and not in the morning when I already have a lot to do! I should make a routine and act according to it rather than wasting all the time in writing a routine in my diary and then not act according it! (Another way to waste my time). I always promise myself not to waste time in future but never stand on it. I know, right now, I should be doing my Maths graph rather than writing a post but I can’t help it either. I guess I should have written it yesterday but I was too tired yesterday and didn’t have time (or maybe I just wasted it yesterday too, without even realizing it 😉 😦 )

Express It Amateur!

Daily Prompt: All About Me

Explain why you chose your blog’s title and what it means to you.

My blog’s title, amateurxpress was selected after many discussions with my mum and my sister who was already writing a blog for over a year. Amateur literally means: a person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity. I settled with this term because writing had never been my sort of thing since grade 1. After 7th grade when I was applying for one of the biggest schools in my city, it was my sister who got me prepared for my English test and even until 12th grade, my essays were much of a joke (between us two sisters). But in 6 months vacations after college my siblings convinced me that my writings are not that bad I should give it a shot at blogging. But still, My writings are that of an amateur.. Aren’t they?

As for the ‘xpress’ part, It is dual meaning in my blog
1) to put (thought) into words (That’s what I do on my blog)
2) Train of thoughts.

And that’s how this blog name came into existence 🙂

Bumpy Ride!

Daily Prompt: Teachable Moment

You have to learn a new skill. Do you prefer to read about it, watch someone else do it, hear someone describe it, or try it yourself?

Learning; Is a very important process in every living being’s life. To learn something, everyone does need some help. Be it reading about the subject, watch someone else doing it, hear describe it or try it themselves!girl-driving-300x199

These days, some sort of drift have come over me to learn how to drive. I am so totally obsessed to learn how to drive a car and no one else but my dad can teach me how to do it! In order to learn driving I would go for all the options given above (except reading) one after another i.e hierarchy. First of all, I would ask my broher to describe how to drive a car. Though he is younger than me and isn’t allowed to drive a car yet either, but he does have a better know how of driving than me. He always observes carefully when dad is driving a car (he’s more obsessed than me) which is not my thing (I like to enjoy the ride looking out the window or talking, I can’t waste the trip observing and learning 😉 ). Secondly, I would then watch my dad how to do it (I have to, it can’t be done without it.. But it won’t waste my trip then, I will be on a trip to learn to drive :D) And finally I will try it myself! And I’m hoping I will do well in it! Do wish me luck readers! 🙂

Life after death..!!??

Daily Prompt: Karma Chameleon

Reincarnation: do you believe in it?

No, I definitely do not believe in reincarnation. Though being a Muslim I do believe in life after death but only on the day of judgement! (NO offence to any individual belonging to any religion). But, If there really would have been incarnation.. why do they say.. You get this life only once..??

P.S:There’s a question to all those who do believe in the concept of both reincarnation and ghosts. If a soul is reincarnated until it attains a certain level of bliss then why do you say that a disturbed soul who has some unfinished work on earth return as ghosts? why don’t they reincarnate too? (By the way I don’t believe in ghosts either)

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